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Case Studies


BLVR (believer) is a religious clothing company focused on providing apparel for those wishing to accentuate their faith through fashion.
Mobile-responsive eCommerce site. Lots of fonts, image slider, reviews section, jQuery zoom, bootstrap styling, login portals, newletter emails, and client dashboard with sales analytic software.

Pax Dei Design

A tampa bay based graphic designer with focus on graphic and multimedia design. She is focused on accomplishing given directives for magazine layouts, ad design, color theory, typography, and production. She uses tools in the Adobe suite including, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop.
This project was designed to be mobile-responsive to the 3rd degree. Image based website with flat colors, typography, interactive menu, and hidden dropdown portfolio.
paxdei designs

JRs Famous Coffee

A gourmet coffee shop in North Carolina. JR's famous coffee offers a wide variety of whole bean coffee, ground coffee, and many flavored coffees.
This shopping cart project has a banner slider, newsletter and email campaign, PayPal API integration, product jQuery zoom, logo design, lightbox gallery, and inventory tracking software.

My name is Jonathan and I am the proprietor of Pi Web Development. My goal is to connect you and your clients through technology. Your website is your biggest fan, your advocate, your sounding board to the world, and it promotes you twenty four hours a day, every day. Your website is you, personified into digital art. I offer my service in true honour of helping you actualize this. Please see our "Eight Stage Process" below to see the deep understanding and work that goes into putting you in the best light possible.
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Eight Stage Development Process
Eight Stage Development Process:

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Goal Analysis What is your goal for your new website? What do you want to achieve? Do you want people to sign up for something? Pay a bill? Print out intake forms? Find legal information? Review your credentials? There are many different reasons for having a website, the first step is identifying this important question; "Why?".
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User Research Who is going to be visiting your website? Why are they going to want to go to your website? Do they want to enlist your service? To compare prices? Our team will seek out your potential clients and visitors and see how we can help them in this phase. We analyze your information and develop a way to best help your audience.
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Information ArchitectureNot all information is created equal. A website is full of information, yet only a small portion is on the front page, dead center in your view. We take all of your content and build a heirearchical structure to organize what will go where. This process will determine how the content will be presented based on its importance.
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Interaction (UI/UX Design) This is where we begin designing how the website flows and how various pages interact with one another to engage the visitors. It is important that your users be able to navigate properly, find what they need, and do it simply. You have seen this type of website: slow to load, slow to scroll, unresponsive, and a nightmare to navigate. We avoid these bad design mistakes through our UI/UX development process. We build everything on paper before we write a single line of code.
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Development This is the implementation process. We do not use templates or cookie cutter cut and paste code for your project. We write all the code for your project and design every inch from scratch. Your business is unique and your website will be one-of-a-kind tailored to meet your goals.
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Usability Testing Once we're nearing completion, we rigorously test the functionality of your new website on various devices; smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. We also do testing through different web browsers including Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, IE, etc. to make sure whatever device your visitors are using, they will have no problems.
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Client Review This is our discussion before launch. We will discuss all the features, images, layout, and content accuracy with you to be sure we go live without a hitch.
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Release Congratulations! We are now on the road to achieving your goals. Tell your friends and associates, Alumni and neighbors. From here there are several paths to take that are different for everyone. This will be determined on a case by case basis.
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